Saturday, October 25, 2014

Funky Town

Pat said it about herself first, so I know it is not just me.

I'm all outta sorts.  Seems to be a lot of negative waves in this here atmosphere lately.

Between small-town political nastiness and city and state-wide politics, my senses are bombarded by negativity.  The TV, radio, mail and the messages on my phone are all loaded with scare tactics and assaults on the candidates.  All of which I don't care to listen to, see, or read.  It just brings me down.

The local stuff is harder to stay out of, for we are voting for some serious changes in Weirdville--and I'm afraid the election will hand over some big power to some scary folks.  I can't ignore this one, try as I might.

Mix in instability at work, an increase in the panhandler population on my commute, Grace is slipping away,  the days are getting colder....and darker.....

I'm in a funk.

The other day, Joe and I were driving and talking about all of the above and the knot in my stomach grew tighter with each word.  I finally said "I've had enough. I can't talk about this stuff any more.  Let's find something less 'topical' and more positive."

And we drove in silence for a good few minutes--each of us struggling to tap something good, funny, or otherwise non-depressing.   It was hard to find.  And it was apparent that it's not just me who is struggling.

We finally settled on the lovely color of this autumn to talk about.  The trees are exceptionally pretty.  I'm not sure if it was all the rain we've had this summer, but the trees seem to be lit from inside.  The oranges, the reds.....Joe likes the yellows.....

Then we sorta gave up and he turned up the radio.  And we sang "Undressed," out loud, and kept motoring along without talking.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Somebody fell in the pond

....and it wasn't me....
or Grace.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's an Appliance Smackdown

Well, not literally.  That would hurt--appliances are metal and tough. I am not.

The other day, I opened the refrigerator to find everything sorta floating on the top shelf.  My lunch bag was soppy and disintegrating. The Razzberitas were either standing in a puddle or half-frozen in their spot.  The apple-butter was surrounded by water. Hmmm.....

Then I noticed the next shelf over (it was a little lower and to the right) had it's own pool party goin' on too.  I figured the Razzberita box probably had some ice in it and had melted...all over my the inside of my refrigerator, so I mopped it up, dried everything off and went about my business.

Then it did it again.  And again.  NOW I am smart and I put a paper towel on the shelf until I figure out what the hell is wrong with the refrigerator.

I don't know about your house, but at ours, the appliances talk to each other.   And when one wants to go all renegade and quit working, odds are there is a coup in the works and some other smarty-aleck appliance decides it's not gonna work either.  (They never just die alone, beastly things.)  Ugh. I was gonna cut this thing off at the pass before it could whisper one little "psssssttttt." 

Too late.

The motion-sensor light on the side of the house went wonky just about the time the refrigerator decided it needs to wear diapers.   Crap.

So, there is Joe, running back and forth, in the house and out, up the ladder and down, trying to reset the damn light outside....and it STILL isn't right.  Oh, it will work (just like the refrigerator), BUT it's just gonna be wonky and all annoying-like.


And I'm telling this story to the guys at work when I realize that I have a brilliant idea.  Joe wants to just replace the fridge.  I want to save money and try to fix it.  I want to just replace the light--Joe wants to fix it...or master the beast and show it who is boss.

This brings us to the Appliance Smackdown.   Who can fix their appliance before the other guy?  I'm on the fridge, Joe is on the light...or the "Damn Light" as it is now referred.

Roy and Jamaal have their money on me, but Joe says they "suck."  Hmmm.....them is fightin' words.

I am transferring the freezer contents to a cooler after dinner.  The battle is on.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Be careful what you wish for

Joe was out puttering in the yard the other day and Hobbes enjoyed the company.  He loves nothing better than to have someone outside with him.

While Joe washed windows, Hobbes sat in the grass and stalked the field mice that came over from next door to feed on birdseed that has fallen from the feeder.  Now, I have to explain that Hobbes' stalking is a lot like sitting in the grass and watching.....with about the same amount of hunting success.  He doesn't catch a darn thing.

Well.....except for this day.

Joe looked over and saw Hobbes with something in his mouth. Apparently he got lucky and a mouse fell into his mouth.  Then he sorta looked disgusted at the taste and dropped it.  Poor mousie---apparently didn't taste very good.  Or maybe not.  Lucky mousie??? Hmmm.....

After a few minutes of just looking at his catch, Hobbes curled up into a meatloaf shape and watched his new friend take a bath.  Joe saw this as the opportunity to help the poor thing move back over to the other side of the fence. 

So, Hobbes, unaware of what he was supposed to do with his catch, watched as Joe scooted Mouse Friend back to the neighbor's yard.    Okay, so he caught something....but he had no idea what to do with it when he got it.   We are not of hunting stock here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Goodnight pond.

I was caught off guard by a hard frost this weekend.  I woke up Sunday to a frozen birdbath....and a frosty newspaper on the drive.  It is always a rude awakening when you realize that regular freezing temps are on the way.  And I'm never ready.

We have been tucking in the gardens and the yard the last few weekends, but the waterfall was still running and the lily pads had not been cut back yet.  The frost was the sign that we had to shut it all down....and quickly.  It is never fun to have to stick your arms in cold pond water.

So, we turned off the pump, blocked the skimmer, cut back the lily and packed up the plants to come in for the winter.  Mr. Cuddles and his fish friends are sort of freaked out due to the lack of covering on the pond, but they have little fish hideouts to flee to should danger come. 

The frogs have lost their summer green coloring and are now black and icky looking....and very slow.  The cold water makes them sluggish.  They will be heading to hibernation in a month or so--but not just yet.  There is still warm sunshine and some lingering bugs to be enjoyed.

It's a mixed bag of feelings when you shut down the pond--I miss and worry about all the pond friends, but I do enjoy not having to clean the filter or scoop out algae.   I also do not miss watering the garden, mowing the lawn, or taking care of everything outdoors.  I like the reprieve---it is sort of a hibernation of my own.

It's quiet now outside my window.  No waterfall splashing. No singing frogs.  No katydids clicking the last song of summer.  

It's the lull of the furnace I hear these days....and for the next 6 months.  Sigh. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Lin Duh

I have been diagnosed with a very serious disease called "volunteeritis."  The first symptoms are an overzealous right arm that shoots up in the air whenever someone asks for help and the propensity to say "I've got an idea" in all sorts of situations and scenarios.  All of this just leads to a lot of work for me--so the disease really just affects me while the those around me just grin and smile and thank the good lord that Lin is an idiot and does all this stuff for them.


So, in the throes of a symptomatic week, I've been absent from the blog, trying to get this week's crazy project completed in a ridiculous non-realistic time-frame.....and to not to quit my job outta spite and resentment.  No, I don't know why I continuously go the extra mile for them--I think there is some thought that someday they will appreciate me.  Silly me. all of that.....a good friend came in out from out of town and spent the evening with us.   Cheri is just one of those people who warm your heart and makes the world all gooey and good and you sorta forget that you are crabby about something and hours melt away when you are with her.    Mix in a few of Joe's specialty Mai Tais and my disease has been silenced for the night.

Although I did volunteer to make Cheri a quilt.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And a bottle of 'Ole Grandad....and a comb.....

Em and I were driving around running errands when I received a text from a friend:

"I'm going to Ultra Foods. Do you need anything?"  she wrote.

Hmmm.....why is my friend asking if I need some groceries?  Em and I looked at each other and thought it was sorta weird.

"No. But thanks for asking," we texted back, still confused as to why she wants to get us groceries.

I said I thought that was odd and then Em started listing weird stuff we could ask her for--things like a can of Spam and maybe some Fruity Pebbles.  You know, stuff that I don't think anyone eats.  And we giggled listing all sorts of odd foods that we could have Carrie run around for.

After about 10 minutes of cracking up, we received a follow up text:

"Uh, sorry.  I meant that for Steve."

Bummer.  Em and I were all psyched up for Fruity Pebbles.